Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Seriously... I'm kidding

Dear Ellen Degeneres,

Thank you for being as amazing as you are. You are funny, your eyes are luminescent, you love fuzzy animals, and you love to help people. When I move to Pasadena I am going to work for you. You don't know it yet, but every day I am going to show up to your house, make your bed, clean your shower and give Portia foot massages.

hmm.... actually I will probably not do any of those things, because I do not want to get arrested. But this was a funny book, and a good read. It read like a lot of her monologues smushed together, but I love her monologues, so "it's all good!".

I don't know what I put that in quotation marks. Who was I quoting? Will Smith. I was quoting Will Smith.

Note to readers: Read this book, even if you think this blog post is creepy.

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