Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Guinea Pig Diaries

I love A.J. Jacobs. I emailed him to ask for suggestions of books to read and he responded (I'll talk more about that when I read his recommendation) and if my printer was working, I would have printed the email, kissed and framed it.

Now both he and I are happily married, but I just truly appreciate his quirky experimental approach to life-- and I suppose have be influenced by him enough to start this reading challenge.

The Guinea Pig Diaries are basically a collection of stories cataloging the different experience he has put himself (and his wonderful wife Julie) through.

One thing that I didn't realize that could happen in this project is that writers would reference each other. A. J. talks about Malcolm Gladwell's book Blink, and he didn't exactly enjoy it.

Some of the experiments that A.J does are: outsourcing his life to India, impersonating a movie star, and radically telling the truth (no filter!). He is wonderful. Read all of his books. And use apricot toothpaste, just because you damn well like the taste.

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