Thursday, May 3, 2012

Like Dandelion Dust

Today, my day started at 3:30am. After rushing to the airport in a silent car (my wonderful husband drove me at 4:15), my flight was delayed by an hour, and I finished my book by 8:15am. After that, I had strange dreams about a "know it all" man who told me to drink a placenta milkshake (probably because I watched Dr. Oz with my grandma), which has nothing to do with the book.

I'm glad I read this book. So many people have suggested it to me so I thought it needed to be included in this challenge, but frankly, I was kind of disappointed. I loved the beginning and liked the interplay between the different characters in different locations, but there wasn't enough background about the relationship between Molly and Beth, and I was hoping for more of a "Jodi Piccoult" type court scene. 

That being said, read this book, unless you're in the middle of an adoption process. It will make you paranoid. 

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