Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dangerous Wonder

As I've been doing this challenge I've been trying to be sure that I'm doing it for a reason better than "wow, that would be cool if people read my blog and thought I was cool and then I wrote a book and made a million dollars". I want it to be a connecting point, be a help to people who are looking for books to read, encourage people to be intentional in their schedules, and using the books and the emotions that they reach to help me be a more authentic person and be able to articulate the connection in my blog.

Dangerous Wonder by Mike Yaconelli helps me get there. I had started reading it in 2007 on a plane ride to Alaska, but then never picked it up again. I have no idea why... I just, stopped.

I'm glad I finished it. It's pretty simple stuff, just live your life in childlike wonder, and you'll be good to go! But it's alot harded to do. To cut out the busyness, to find things that make you feel alive. But it's worth it.

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