Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Pearl

This is my second book that I've read by John Steinbeck. ( I can hear you saying "whhaaaaattt?!??!" in your heads. No judgement- I grew up in Africa).

The first was East of Eden. I greatly preferred East of Eden, even though a bitter ex once told me that I was "his Cathy". Sorry, bitter ex. Actually, did we even date?

Anyway... The Pearl was good, but since I read so fast sometimes I feel like I get jipped with shorter books-- not enough character development. I was rewriting this book in my head while I was reading it, and I think it ended kind of like a disney movie. (Speaking of rewriting stories to be like Disney- watch this Jaws remake... I LOVE IT!!!!)

So John Steinbeck, thank you for writing pensive literature, and even though it wasn't my favorite, I appreciated The Pearl and its symbolism.

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