Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Secret of the Desert Stone

Ok, I did it. Sunday was such a lazy day and I wanted a nap soooo badly that I read a childrens book. But not without reason-- I read the first four books in the Cooper Kids Adventure Series by Frank Peretti when I was little, so I was VERY excited to find the fifth one at my in-laws house!

The Secret of a Desert Stone is about a stone that appears (poof!) in the middle of a desert in an African dictatorship. The Coopers are flown in (along with a geologist) to try to figure out the meaning of the stone, and end up on the other side of it, in the hands of supposed cannibals, who turn out to be very civil-- and have a monotheistic religion that is eerily similar to that of the Cooper's Christianity.

If you're a Christian, the book can actually lead to an interesting discussion on inclusivism vs. exclusivism.

And if you're not a Christian, well, you probably would like the book better if it had aliens in it.

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