Monday, August 13, 2012


I read this entire book on either on the bus or waiting for the bus. It's definitely an adjustment not having a car (my husband and I sold our car before we moved out to SoCal), but it is very freeing not having to pay attention to traffic. However, you still need to pay attention to where your stop is.

Waiting on a bus is never fun, but when you have a book, it makes the wait much more bearable. This book definitely improved my attitude-- it was a gem of a find from an author I hadn't heard of before-- but the name and the cover drew me in. Plus, I needed me some YA fiction.

There are a few other books with the same title, but this stands apart in theme. Without spoiling the book, there is an interesting amount of chaos magic, which is pretty fascinating. The protagonist is a teen-aged girl who blossoms through the conflict into this coming of age fantasy novel.

It was a very quick read, and although there wasn't much depth in the story, the characters were pretty well formed.

Give it a whirl!

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