Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hello, Bento!

Today's book is a... you guessed it... cook book! As I have been asking people for recommendations a fair amount of people of the female persuasion told me that they mostly read cook books, so I decided to give it a go.

Unless you're reading a biography of Colin Firth, its hard to find non-fiction that makes you salivate. But just reading through the ingredients and the narrative about the final creations almost made me jump on a bus to the nearest store, purchase all the needed ingredients and release my inner Julia Childs.

Even though I did not, in fact, stuff my face with bento goodness, I am really excited to experiment more with Asian cuisine (my wonderful neighbor Hee Sook offered to help) and make cute lunches for the hubs. And for those of you who have not experienced bento boxes, the actually definition of one is "a meal packed in a box". So even if you just shove an apple and a spam sandwich into your child's lunch box, you are, in fact, a bento maker.

And now, just for fun- pictures of Bento boxes!

 Courtesy of News & Nonsense and Live Journal Bento Challenge


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