Monday, August 13, 2012

I'm back!

Well, I'm back! It's been over two months since I've blogged (yikes) which means that I've read over 80 books, and that sadly, you have not been able to hear anything about them. So hopefully I'll be able to do a quick review of the last two months and we can get up to speed :)

Firstly, the reason I haven't been blogging is because we moved! We packed all of our belongings into a 6x7x8 storage cube (my husband is a master packer) and shipped off to California! We love it here. Such a diverse environment, gracious neighbors and friends and PALM TREES OUT OUR WINDOW!!!

Here are a few highlights of the past two months (in no particular order)

1. Fitting everything we own into a 6x7x8 ft storage cube. Seriously, hubs has mad skills.

2. Walking around our new town. We LOVE PASADENA! The city hall, beautiful palm trees, and exploring houses used in movies.

The Pasadena City Hall

One of the houses used in Father of the Bride

View from the roof of one of my favorite libraries. 

3. Celeb stalking sightings

 So when Chris Hemsworth first walked in to the coffee shop that my husband and I were at in Santa Monica I turned and thought "that is a tiny baby" and after a second glance I realized that no, the baby was normal sized, but THOR was holding her! Such a cute family. And i felt that we were finally initiated into SoCal- isn't celeb sighting what its all about? :)

4. My new job! I was able to track down a job within two weeks of us moving here, which is very helpful financially. It's similar to what I was doing before (working in Residential Life at a college), but this time with grad students and more office based. But still great fun! I get to plan a retreat, work with like minded folks, and enjoy free breakfast every Friday.

5. Fresh produce. THE. BEST. EVER. Seriously- I keep posting pictures on Instagram of all my my great finds, and I'm sure my followers just *love* the #foodpics. Oh look! I found one :) All of this for $5.50! I'm in heaven. Strangely though, no starfruit! My husband is saddened- its his favorite fruit!

6. Entering sweepstakes! I've been a sweepstakes entering machine for the past 3 weeks- and so far have won 4 books (a great win considering I'm reading a book a day) and $15 worth of laundry detergent. Start small, win big! I'm currently hoping for a Soda Stream... those things will change your life!

7. Okay, this isn't a highlight, but its the only culture shock that we've really experienced so far: we cannot find kings sized sheets anywhere! And believe me, we've looked. California King is everywhere, which, considering our location makes sense, but its still strange that we can't find them anywhere! Any tips, Cali residents?

8. Coffee art. And lavender breve lattes. swoon.

9. New friends. From playing games to having free haircut days to having people over, we have loved our new community.

10. And of course... the books I've read! I have enjoyed (most) every book, and am still enjoying this challenge!


  1. I say break down and use for those sheets.

    1. Jon-
      I've just been procrastinating because I love to touch the sheets first. But I'll break down soon and buy them online. But just to clarify, we do currently have sheets, they just aren't my favorite.