Thursday, August 16, 2012

Einstein the Lazy Kitty (and Melody the Lazy Reader)

Feel free to laugh, blog friends, but today's book is about a lazy, lazy kitty who sleep everywhere and never plays with her poor distressed owner.

Ok, today's book is kind of a joke. But at least it's an ENTIRE book! It's been a long week at work, so my level of reading comprehension (and speed) diminishes drastically. Hence, Einstein the lazy kitty and lazy, lazy Melody.

But it did get me thinking about children's books and how influential they are in helping children comprehend big ideas like love, bed time, first days of school, even loss. There are books out there for everything!

One day a few years ago I was playing with my nephew and all we had to play with was an apple and and a drawing of a snail, and Scary Apple was created. My first idea for a title is "Scary Apple and the Snails' Potty Party" which is how Scary Apple (who is not so scary at all, in fact) runs into a bunch of snails who are having a party at a potty (potty training) and since Scary Apple has never been to a potty party before, the snails show him how to P-A-R-T-Y!!! Gertrude is the princess of the snails and occasionally slips into spoonerisms when she gets excited.

What ideas do you have for childrens' books? What was your favorite growing up?

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