Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Priest (Sons of Encouragement #1)

Today I read The Priest by Francine Rivers, which is the first book in the Sons of Encouragement series. Before I talk about this books specifically, just a general shout out to Francine- her books are great. She paints biblical characters as people! Which, you know, is what they are! So often I read the bible and just read the stories as vague stories, not stopping to think about the people in the stories: their thoughts, feelings, and the fact that they were HUMAN and SINNERS! Just because they were in the bible doesn't mean that they were perfect, it just means God chose to use them.

While The Priest wasn't my favorite book by Francine Rivers, it gives us insight into the world and mind of Aaron- the elder brother of Moses. How would you feel if your younger brother was chosen by God for something great? That he lived in a palace while you were a slave? While Aaron's attitude was kinda whiny at times, it was a not often portrayed view point and therefore very enjoyable.

On a side note about today: if you are going to go to Starbucks to blog, be prepared to wait for a table to open up. And if you decide you don't want to wait, bring your computer cord so that you can plug in your dead computer. And if you don't bring your cord, be sure that you have a library account. And if you don't have a library account, be sure that you try to get one on a day that the library computer systems are working. That being said, I'm back at home blogging in my office. On a more positive note- my husband and I bought curtains for our living room today!

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